Annual Prize

Annual Prize for the Best Paper Published in Scottish Local History


The prize, kindly sponsored by the Edinburgh-based publisher Birlinn Limited, is awarded each year for the best paper published in Scottish Local History in a calendar year. It is judged by a committee of Forum Trustees consisting of the Editor of Scottish Local History, the Chair of the Scottish Local History Forum, and the Chair of the Forum’s Advisory Committee.

The Forum thanks Birlinn for their commitment to publishing Scottish history and for their generous sponsorship of the Prize.

The criteria for selection is that the prize-winning article should:
1. be original (ie be first published in Scottish Local History) and on an innovative or novel topic;
2. be a major paper and not a News or Notes item;
3. be based on a range of primary sources;
4. if it is an illustrated paper, have high quality and effective illustrations;
5. display clearly how the article contributes to a wider understanding of the relevant aspect of Scottish history;
6. exhibit high quality referencing; and
7. not have required significant modification by the editorial board.

The Trustees of the Scottish Local History Forum are not eligible for the award of the prize.


The judges were unanimous in the decision to award the prize to:

Graham M Clark, A Survey of Corrugated-iron Churches in Scotland - issue 108

Download: A Survey of Corrugated-iron Churches in Scotland (PDF 308 KB)
St Fillan's, Killin


The judges were unable to separate the top two papers in its inaugural year and so awarded prizes to both:

Allan Kennedy, ‘Cromwell’s Highland Stronghold: The Sconce of Inverness’ - issue 106

Download: Cromwell's Highland Stronghold (PDF 278KB)


John Harrison, 'The Drifty Days’. A Climate Crisis of 1673-4 - issue 107

Download: The Drifty Days (PDF 194KB)
stirling castle