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Spring 2022

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Beatrice Clugston by Robert Cree Crawford, 1882.

Courtesy of East Dunbartonshire Leisure and Culture Trust.

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'The Queen of all Bazaars': Beatrice Clugston (1827-88)


'The Queen of all Bazaars': Beatrice Clugston (1827-88)
Attitudes to Slavery and Black People in the Glasgow Press 1830-1870
The View from the East: Edinburgh and the 1820 Insurrection
Storekeeper Extraordinary: John Trotter (1757-1833) and his relatives
'We only punish them when they do wrong': Slavery and the St Boswells Bard, John Younger
Note: Thomas Garvine of Ayr: prescribing rhubarb as medicine
News Feature: SLHF Annual Conference (Online): 'Scottish Sports and Pastimes', 10-11 November 2021
News Feature: Scottish Local History Forum AGM 2021
News Feature: Graeme Cruickshank and SLHF
News Feature: Recent Red Wheel Commemoration
News Feature: Leamington Lift Bridge
News Feature: Killearn Heritage Trail
News Feature: A8 Milestones - New Commemoration
News Feature: 'Fragment Found'
News Feature: John Reid, Local Historian
News Feature: Sheena Margaret Andrew (1941-2021)
News Feature: Stirling Update

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