The Fall of Singapore and Scottish Battlefield Archaeology


Jon Cooper is a battlefield archaeologist recently returned from Singapore and now living in Corstorphine. He has spent the last 7 years researching and surveying the battlefield at Adam Park where the 1st battalion of Cambridgeshires stubbornly defended the estate for three days and after the surrender was used as a POW work camp which included the survivors of the Gordon Highlanders. More detail can be found in the Virtual Museum at One of the Adam Park project objectives was to heighten the awareness of the plight of the British forces in Singapore and life as a FEPOW before the Thai Burma Railroad.

Jon offers his services as a speaker to any local heritage groups who may think their membership would be interested in hearing about this subject especially in 2017 which marks the 75th Anniversary of what Churchill termed 'Britain's Greatest Defeat'.

Other projects on which he could provide talks include:

- Surveying the battlefields of Linlithgow Bridge of 1526
- The 'lost' fortress of Haddington
- Scottish Renaissance warfare
- Battlefield archeology in general.

Jon is also interested in meeting up with any groups wishing to start up their own battlefield project.