New Gunn history book - 'The Gunns: History, Myths and Genealogy'


A new Gunn history book has just been written. It is called 'The Gunns: History, Myths and Genealogy'. It is the first Gunn history text in over fifty years and the first ever to use the Sutherland Estate papers in the National Library of Scotland.

It offers a radical, new interpretation of Gunn history and therefore obviously challenges the romantic Victorian myths currently masquerading as Gunn 'history'.

Gunns are best thought of as the original, non-related inhabitants of northern, mainland Scotland. They do not have an Orkney Islands origin.

Gunns should not be viewed as a clan as they had no founding ancestor. There was never an historic 'Clan Gunn Chief'.

The first Gunn known to history was Coroner Gunn of Caithness who died around 1450. His eldest son started the MacHamish Gunns of Killernan line - many descendants from that line exist all around the world. Major detail on this MacHamish line is included.

This book is an important addition to Scottish Highland history.

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