Changes to the SLHF Constitution


The present version of the SLHF Constitution dates from the 2012 AGM and is given in full elsewhere on our website: Constitution.

The Trustees at their meeting on 25 June 2018 decided to propose constitutional amendments, to be considered by the 2018 AGM. The principal effect of these would be to remove the clauses limiting the service of office bearers and committee members. Although it is recognised that it is good practice, if possible, to limit the term of office, the change is considered necessary because of the difficulty of recruiting replacements willing and able to perform the now considerable workload involved. For the sake of flexibility the Trustees also wish to name in the constitution only the principal office bearers, viz. Chair, Vice Chair, Hon. Secretary and Hon. Treasurer. Other positions would be listed in the Standing Orders (which the Trustees have authority to amend under Clause 4.7 of the 2012 constitution).

Accordingly, the Trustees recommend to this AGM the following amendments to the constitution adopted on 26 October 2012:-

Clause 10.1: delete Honorary Editor and Assistant Editor.

Delete Clauses 11.2, 12 and that part of Clause 15 which limits service of committee members.

The Trustees also wish to regularise the situation by which the Forum’s accounts are published on its website rather than its journal. They accordingly recommend that :-

The last sentence of Clause 18.3 be amended to read ‘A copy of such accounts shall be available to all members attending the AGM and shall be published on the Forum’s website’.

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