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The Robert William Thomson Memorial Fellowship was formed in 1975 to coordinate the campaign to honour R W Thomson, CE, FRSE, PRSSA, Inventor of the Pneumatic Tyre in 1845. The Fellowship immediately took over the running of the established R W Thomson Memorial Rally for vintage and classic vehicles. This is now one the oldest events of it's kind in Scotland.
Born in Stonehaven, Kincardineshire, on 29 June 1822, Thomson was a prolific inventor and a respected civil and mechanical engineer, his method of detonating explosives using electricity won him the praise of Michael Faraday. After a relatively short life that took him to America and Asia, he died in Edinburgh on 8 March 1873.
Thomson was the inventor of pneumatic and rubber solid tyres. A pioneer of mechanical road transport, his Thomson Road Steamers were used for an early omnibus service between Leith and Edinburgh. The last working pair of these three-wheeled traction engines was still used for haulage in Glasgow into the 1930s.
Thomson was a civil railway engineer for, and in competition against, George and Robert Stephenson. He also designed a successful sectional iron floating dock.
Thomson was involved with road, rail and water transport and, as such, deserves much greater recognition for his many achievements.
We carry out historical research into the life and work of Thomson with the aim of gaining this recognition and perpetuating his legacy.
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The Annual R W Thomson Memorial Rally for Vintage and Classic Vehicles is held at Mineral Well Park, Stonehaven, on the last Sunday in June.