Kirkyard Walk

When & Where

Saturday, 2 September 2023 - 2:30pm to 3:30pm
St Cuthberts Kirkyard, St Cuthberts Rd, Kirkcudbright, Online

Event Details

As part of Scottish Archaeology Month, Doors Open Day and the Kirkcudbright Fringe, Kirkcudbright History Society will be offering a tour of the local historic Kirkyard. A little east of the town it was the site of the original Northumbrian 'kirk of Cuthbert' which even Ailred of Rievaulx described as an ancient building in the later 12th-century! It is also the site of Scotland's most southerly Hiberno-Norse burials. For more information there is a video Guides from the society will give an interesting tour of The tour lasts an hour approximately and covers the history of the area and identifies a variety of interesting headstones.


Helen Bowick



Event Location

St Cuthberts Kirkyard
St Cuthberts Rd


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