West Lothian Archaeological Trust

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The West Lothian Archaeological Trust was formed on the 19th April 2012 and registered as Scottish Charity No. SC043118 on the 26th April 2012.

The Trust was established to formalise West Lothian Archaeology which was formed in 2010, having been known informally, since 2007, as West Lothian Aerial Archaeology, which in turn was closely associated with the History of Armadale Association. In England, the Trust operates under the name of Stroud Aerial Archaeology. The object of the Trust it to advance heritage and science by

(a) Investigating (with emphasis on non-invasive techniques), recording and publicising (by publication and presentation) the archaeological/heritage sites of West Lothian, and elsewhere.

(b) Promoting the use of kite aerial photography as a low-cost, inclusive, environmentally friendly technique for archaeological/heritage photography and promoting the use of any other techniques which may be deemed appropriate by the Trustees.

(c) Running and maintaining an archaeological website as part of an associated community and heritage website.

Scottish Charity No. SC043118

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Local History Society/Association/Group


West Lothian

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