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The aim of this project is to locate, recover and record products manufactured at Scottish brick and tile works and in particular, bricks. Photographs of the bricks recovered are indexed on along with any related historical information regarding the brick and tile works. Memorabilia such as advertising, catalogues and other related items are sought too. The projects aim is to create a Scottish National brick collection and database and thus to provide a valuable resource for educational and research purposes.

The project covers the whole of Scotland and currently links in with private individuals, local heritage groups, archaeological groups, social media pages and media etc to ensure that as many eyes are on the ground as possible in order to maximise the number of Scottish bricks recovered.

There is also an overseas section to the website where Scottish bricks found on foreign lands are identified and recorded. This includes liason with international brick collectors, media and foreign archaeological groups.


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5 Alder Avenue

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Entry last updated: April 25th, 2018

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