Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh

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The Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh helps qualified doctors to pursue their careers in specialist (internal) medicine through medical examinations, education and training. It also provides resources and information to support and facilitate professional development for physicians throughout their careers. The College helps to develop standards of medical care and training, and influences health policy.

The College's heritage centre holds over 60,000 books, including a copy of the first edition of the first book printed on medicine - the De Medicina of Celsus, published in 1478 - and almost 1500 journals, some of which are particularly rare. We also hold over 400 externally deposited manuscript collections concerning eminent scientists such as Joseph Black and William Cullen.

As well as preserving these collections, we make them available to the public through digitisation projects and a range of events.

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Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh
9 Queen Street

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