Mapping the Scottish Reformation

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Mapping the Scottish Reformation is an on-going project to build a database of Scottish ministers and their wives between 1560 and 1689.

Mapping the Scottish Reformation (MSR) will be one of the largest databases of Protestant thinkers, theologians, and preachers in the world. Built with data from manuscripts held at the National Records of Scotland, this is the first project to ever comprehensively chart the growth, movement, and networks of the Scottish clergy between 1560 and 1689. For scholars and students of this era, such a resource will provide crucial framing for inquiries into religious beliefs, political conflicts, and institutional change. For those interested in family history on both sides of the Atlantic, MSR will provide unprecedented information on individuals whose outsized archival footprints make them critical figures for genealogical research.


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National Library or Archive


Lexington, Virginia
Entry last updated: December 19th, 2018

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