Lanarkshire Family History Society

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The Society's aim is to advance education, by promoting and encouraging the public study of Family History, Genealogy and Local History in Lanarkshire through meetings, lectures and publications.

The Family History & Heritage show is on Saturday 27 October 2018 and is one of the major events of the year in Scotland. The event is our show case of the rich heritage of Lanarkshire in particular and Scotland in general to the rest of the world. We show how we can trace our ancestors back in time and discover not only their working life but also their social life through all the various archives that we have at our disposal along with those of other Heritage groups. The advice that our workshops can provide is invaluable to the public which attend our events; we have received many acknowledgments over the years from individuals who have managed to trace the ancestors thanks to the help and advice given at our annual event. There is a wealth of information and a vast amount of expertise in Scotland and the purpose of our annual event is to bring them all under one roof to fulfill the needs of all visitors and to educate them as to the availability of research facilities all across Scotland.


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Directory of Resources
Family History Society/Association/Group
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122-124 Merry Street
North Lanarkshire
Entry last updated: October 4th, 2018

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