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Started in 1997 out of the then Almac BBS the site has grown to be a comprehensive resource for the history of Scotland, Scots and Scots-Irish at home and abroad.

We cover all aspects of Scottish History from clans and families, significant Scots, the Scots Diaspora, places in Scotland and even some 800 children's stories.

We store hundreds of books and loads of articles including one of the best gazetteers of Scotland. Large sections on Religion, Military, Agriculture, Folk-lore, Poetry & Song, Scots-Irish, the Scots Diaspora, and some unique content on Robert Burns.

We also provide a good deal of information on the history of Canada where some 15% of the population today claims Scots ancestry. In fact this section expanded a few years ago to its own dedicated web site https://electriccanadian.com

We have our own site search engine which helps visitors to access our hundreds of Gigabytes of information. The vast majority of our content is copyright free but we also carry copyright content with the Authors and Publishers permission.

We've also enhanced our content with videos and audio content and we also have a special Scots Language section within our cultural listings.

The site is archived quarterly by the British Library ensuring the content is preserved for future generations.


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Commercial Company Library or Archive


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Entry last updated: March 12th, 2021

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