A Dundee Miscellany - Working, Schooling, Eating and Entertaining



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Anthony Cooke, Mary Nisbet, Billy Rough, Callum Stark
December 2023

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This Miscellany features four in-depth essays exploring Dundee’s social, industrial and economic history. Each one relates to a fundamental part of the lives of many Dundonians – going to school, working in the mills, feeding yourself and your family, and having fun during your time off.

Anthony Cooke explores the forgotten history of mills along the Dighty Burn, from the 14th century onwards.

Mary Nisbet celebrates the pioneering work of the Dundee School Board, established in 1873, which transformed educational opportunities for many young Dundonians.

Callum Stark describes the rapid development of the city’s bakeries in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, and their connection to the industrial growth of the city.

Finally, Billy Rough tells the colourful story of Dundee’s music halls and describes some of the many esoteric artistes who trod their boards.

Together, they provide fascinating insights into significant aspects of the city’s rich history.


A Powerful Auxiliary in the Dundee Manufactures: A Journey Along the Dighty
The Dundee School Board 1873-1918: Transforming Education in Dundee
Jute, Jam and Journalism and Plenty of Pies and Pastries: A Social History of Dundee Bakeries 1890-1950
Fun Without Vulgarity: A brief history of Dundee's Music Halls from the 1840s to the Great War