The Birth of the Modern Highlands



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The Grantown Society
June 2016
67 in full colour
250 x 165mm

Ford was quite wrong. History is not bunk.
Take a look at this beautifully illustrated new book and you’ll see. The pictures are exquisite and the words are explicit, composed as they were by four people who know precisely what they’re talking about.

This is an introduction to the Highlands even Henry Ford would enjoy, it’s not a jaunt in a cheap American car but a transport of delight, courtesy of Strathspey’s finest chauffeurs.
Tom Ramage: Strathspey Herald Review, 28 July 2016

About this item

This book gives a new perspective of Highland History.

It focuses on the eighteenth century Highlands especially, but not exclusively, the Grants of Strathspey, one of the half-dozen or so most powerful clans in the North of Scotland. It gives an insight into life in the Old Highlands during the half-century before the Forty-Five, and in the increasingly New Highlands during the half-century or so after it.

This valuable publication is thoroughly researched, beautifully illustrated, explicitly written and fully referenced.


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Part Two
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